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Why Buy Used Cosmetic Lasers?

Why Buy Used Cosmetic Lasers?

Buying used cosmetic lasers is a smart way to do business. Considering the 30-70% savings vs retail, it’s makes sense. You can re-invest savings into more devices or let it grow in bank. Either way, it creates more options for your business.

Cost of Pre-Owned Cosmetic, Aesthetic & Medical Lasers

The cost of used cosmetic lasers are thousands less than new devices. The amount of savings varies from machine to machine. The price of used aesthetic laser machines can vary based on a many factors.

A Few Things That Affect Price

  • Brand
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Amount of Use
  • Handpiece & Accessories Included
  • Demand in the Market
  • and many more!

Profit Faster With Used Cosmetic Laser Machines

How do you PROFIT faster when buying used cosmetic lasers? It’s simple, by spending less money! With less money out of pocked you will be turning a PROFIT Faster!

3 Ways to Leverage Profit

When your investment is recouped, your in a great place. At this point, you have a few options to consider:

    1. doctor buying cosmetic laser machineIncrease Service Offering-There are cosmetic devices for numerous specialized treatments. Perhaps you might want to start offering laser hair removal treatments. You can save as much as $40,000 buying used vs new.
    2. Increase Service Capabilities-If your constantly overbooked, you might consider expanding. Buying used cosmetic lasers makes it more affordable to grow. Less investment means less risk.
    3. Save Money-You might just want to put money in the back. Or perhaps, you want to invest into infrastructure. Either way, you have great options with more capital.

Buy Pre-Owned & Grow Quicker

Buying Pre-Owned cosmetic lasers is a smart way to grow quicker. It makes it more affordable to:

  • Open Additional Locations
  • Increase Treatment Service Offering
  • Pay Off Loans
  • Invest in Marketing
  • Improve Other Parts of Business

There are 100’s of ways to leverage buying used cosmetic medical devices. Please let us know if you have any questions.